“My son attended Village Glen Summer Day Camp and Summer Social Club virtually for the first time during Pandemic Summer 2020.  We had been anticipating attending the camp prior to the Pandemic, meeting people, making friends and having outside fun.  Although the camp was virtual nothing changed other than the ability of being outside and in person.  My son’s camp experience was above and beyond, and set him up socially for his 6th Grade Middle School experience.  During camp, he enjoyed fun games, such as exercise Uno and Scavenger Hunt for items in the home.  He enjoyed show and tell, science experiments, and participating in a Talent Show which was amazing!  During camp his Social Skills and Sense of Self were enhanced which is normally a challenge for him. There was a beautiful moment where the campers had a natural unprompted dialogue sharing their diagnosis and differences.  This was an emotional moment for me as a parent but was an empowering and inclusive moment for my son to hear other peers have challenges similar to his.  This camp was more than just a camp for my son, it became his community.  He looked forward to logging on and meeting with the other camper’s everyday.  The biggest moment for me as a parent is when he told me “Mommy I really like this camp, I finally feel like I am with other kids who are like me.”  My son often told me he felt understood and not judged and he really enjoyed all of the activities.  The saddest part for him was when camp came to an end.  Camp was his summer escape while at home and a place that he could have for himself.  All was not lost with summer ending, as he made friends.  Information was exchanged and today he keeps in touch with several campers.  For the first time my son has friends.  He said “I have real friends mommy, not the ones taking advantage of me.”  As I write this I tear up because the Village Glen Summer Camp and Social Club gave my son confidence, community, enhanced social skills, a great fun summer, but most of all a sense of belonging and friends.  I could not have asked for a better program.  My whole heart gives the biggest thanks to Kids Like Me – Village Glen Summer Camp and the Summer Social Club Director, Camp Leader, and Camp Counselors for such a wonderful program experience for my son to be with “Kids like Him.”

“Club Teen LA has created a wonderful social opportunity for my son that is filled with many opportunities to engage with other kids his age in typical social interactions. I highly recommend it!”

“The staff at the Kids Like Me-Summer Camp, went out of their way to treat my daughter and I with caring and respect.–My daughter has such a great time during the activities, she doesn’t even notice she’s expanding her social skills!”

“Our daughter was part of the 1 week trip to Denver.  She experienced independence in a way she never had before – flying to a different city with friends from school, staying overnight in a hotel with supervision by fantastic people and experiencing a new city without her parents. The social skills, money management opportunities and experience of managing life independent from home (cooking dinner with friends, going shopping for groceries, going out to a baseball game) all provided incredibly valuable life skills. She loved the trip and would go again anytime, regardless of the destination. The lessons learned while away from parents are priceless and Nicole and her staff are amazing, competent and fun. We highly recommend this trip for any child seeking independence in a safe environment.”

“My child has been attending the Kids Like Me after school program at the Help Group for about a year. I absolutely love this program and wish it were year round. The program provides such a wide variety of classes that include bowling, tennis, horseback riding and cooking. For parents where time or access may be an issue, this program fills the gap so that our kids can still participate in activities that they may not usually get the chance to due to their ability. In addition to the awesome variety of classes, the staff is outstanding. Your kids are well taken care of after school until you arrive to pick them up. My son benefits from each class and being exposed to something new. It opens his mind in so many ways and he’s so happy every time I pick him up. I would highly recommend this program to any parent!”