If you’ve been considering summer camps for your neurodivergent child, you might be wondering how these camps can benefit them. Summer camps are not just about outdoor activities, although those can be quite fun as well. They are also fantastic environments for helping neurodivergent children, such as those with ADHD or across the autism spectrum, to develop social skills and independence. Here are the top 6 ways summer camps can be an invaluable experience for your child.

Making Social Connections
Summer camps are wonderful places for kids to make new friends. With a wide range of group activities—like games, arts and crafts, and team sports—camps provide opportunities to interact with peers in a supportive setting. These activities encourage teamwork, communication, and cooperation, which are crucial for building social skills.

Trying New Things
Camps offer a variety of activities that children may not experience in their daily lives, such as outdoor games, sports or swimming. Trying these activities can boost your child’s confidence and show them they are capable of more than they might have realized. Success in these endeavors builds self-esteem and encourages a sense of accomplishment.

Promoting Independence
Being away from home can be a big step towards independence for any child, and especially for those who are neurodivergent. However, camps focused on daily excursions like Teens on the Go, for those 14-17 with mild needs, encourage teens to explore the world outside their everyday life and make their own decisions, whether it’s choosing activities or solving challenges. While counselors are there to support and guide, they also encourage teens to take initiative, building self-reliance and independence.

Providing a Safe and Supportive Environment
Summer camps designed for neurodivergent kids and teens are well-equipped to cater to their unique needs. The staff at these camps are trained to provide the right kind of support, ensuring that everyone feels safe, included, and understood. At Kids Like Me camps, all our campers are matched with peers of similar mindsets and capabilities, allowing for organic connections and opportunities to make lasting friendships. This specialized environment helps neurodivergent individuals feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones.

Ensuring Fun and Relaxation
Amidst all the skill-building and learning, it’s important to remember that summer camps are also about having fun and relaxing. From daily trips around Los Angeles to spending time with like-minded peers, the joy and excitement of camp life help everyone unwind and enjoy themselves. This balance of fun and learning creates a positive and memorable experience.

Bringing New Skills Home
After camp, you may notice that your child is more comfortable interacting with others, more willing to try new activities, and better at handling tasks independently. These new skills can greatly benefit them at school, at home, and in social settings. At Kids Like Me, we also utilize the Art of Drama to help develop and enhance conflict resolution skills. Additionally, our intern therapists will be providing creative and therapeutic contributions to the campers’ activities to further enrich their experience.

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