After School Classes – Fall 2018 Culver City


ALL KIDS need opportunities to have fun, connect with others, learn new skills, make friends, and enjoy a sense of belonging… That’s what Kids Like Me is all about!

The Help Group Kids Like Me programs are created especially for children and adolescents with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER and OTHER SOCIAL/LEARNING CHALLENGES. All programs are designed and overseen by highly trained professionals.

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MONDAYS (starting September 24th)                   


High-energy sports class focusing on skills development, teamwork and sportsmanship.                        

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up    Cost: $225 for 8 sessions            

The Miracle Project                                                       

Ever popular and amazing, we are proud to offer this highly acclaimed, award winning creative arts program that enables children and teens with autism or other special needs to express themselves through music, dance, film, writing, and acting. Social skills and creativity soar while working together to create and              
perform an original musical production.                               

Ages: 5 and up          Cost: $800 for 20 sessions  (+ 1-2 extra rehearsal(s))              


Learn about various cartooning styles and create your own characters, comic strips and even a comic book.                                                   

Ages: 10 and up  Cost: $225 for 8 sessions       

TUESDAYS (starting September 25th)


Highly Popular class which includes round trip transportation,instructions, bowling shoes, game play,  tournament and a whole lot of fun with peers at Mar Vista’s Bowlero Lanes. 

Ages: 7-9 & 10 and up          Cost: $280 for 8 sessions

Dance Fusion

Kids dance with joy in this new class that introduces and builds skills in a number of dance genres such as hip hop, modern dance and more! Dancers have fun learning techniques, steps and even choreographed group pieces while working on concentration, coordination, strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning. 

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up    Cost: $225 for 8 sessions 

Cooking Club                                                                   

A fun and important skill building class focused on healthy recipes and culinary skills. Kid chefs will learn, prepare and enjoy various recipes each week ending the session with a party & a recipe book to take home.

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up           Cost: $235 for 8 sessions

WEDNESDAYS (starting September 26th)                      

Science Lab                                                                                                                                    

Especially for Science lovers! This exciting class will allow children to explore, create, discover and learn through fun, interactive science based activities.               

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up    Cost: $235 for 8 sessions           

Leaps n’ Boundz Gymnastics                                                                                           

These dynamic gymnastic classes include climbing, tumbling, trampoline, balance beam, bars, vault and strength and conditioning within the Leaps n Boundz safe community center environment. Class activities help build muscle strength, flexibility balance, coordination and posture which can increase spatial awareness, body management and self confidence.

Ages: 5-17  Cost: $300 for 8 sessions   

Fun with Music                                                                             

If you have a love for singing and music, this class is the place for you! Students will learn to sing as an ensemble and develop basic instrument skills in a fun, encouraging, nurturing environment. The final class will be a performance showcase for family and friends.                       

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up    Cost: $235 for 8 sessions 

THURSDAYS (starting September 27th)

Art Studio                                                                  

A class that encourages artistic expression while exploring a variety of art media to learn technique and create individual masterpieces!                                                 

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up           Cost: $240 for 8 sessions

Fun & Fitness                                                                   

A very popular, fun and energetic class where kids participate in a variety of interactive physical games including dodge ball, Capture the Flag, real life Angry
Birds, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts and more. This program encourages positive social interaction, team building, and gross motor skills development.

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up         Cost: $225 for 8 sessions

The Great Outdoors                                                                   

A new, fun class where kids learn about nature, camping skills and even outdoor survival! Students develop skills in using a compass, identifying animals and poisonous plants, tying various knots, outdoor cooking and much more.

Ages: 5-9 & 10 and up           Cost: $235 for 8 sessions

FRIDAYS (starting September 28th)

The Game is On!

Tech gaming combined with traditional board and mental challenge games providing a perfect balance working with X-box, Switch, Pokemon Go, and many more… it’s all about changing it up, making it fun, developing negotiating, compromising and team skills.   

Ages: 7-10 & 11 and up    Cost: $225 for 8 sessions   

Karaoke Idol

Introducing a new class where kids sing their hearts out to their favorite songs. This class allows participants to interact with one another while building their pronunciation skills, new friendships, and creativity. Final class will feature a small performance for family and friends.           

Ages: 7-10 & 11 and up    Cost: $225 for 8 sessions   

Computer Skills

Students are introduced at their own pace to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and build keyboarding skills in each of these technical areas for future academic and employment success. A class for beginning learning and practice.                            

Ages: 7-10 & 11 and up    Cost: $225 for 8 sessions   

Staff supervision and snack are provided at no extra charge for Help Group students after school to the start of classes. All classes meet for 8 weekly sessions from 4:00-5-15pm unless otherwise noted.


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